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Being charged with a criminal offense is no small matter. Even accusations – unfounded or not – can cause serious repercussions. Very rarely will these types of crises affect just one aspect of your life: they can impact your family life, personal life, professional life, and most importantly, your freedom. Regardless of the charges you face, working with a skilled criminal defense lawyer will be crucial to minimizing the impact that an arrest can have on your life.

Law Offices of Horwitz & Citro, P.A. is prepared to protect you, regardless of the charges you face. Call today.

The criminal justice system is intimidating and being unaware of your rights could make it feel more daunting. We understand you may feel like just a cog in the wheel. We aim to inform you of your rights and help you understand which steps to take to position your case favorably. Let us use our knowledge to help tip the scales of justice in your direction.
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  • Mark L. Horwitz

    Founding Partner

    In over 30 years of practicing law, Mark Horwitz has done everything from prosecuting the last Vietnam War draft dodger tried in Orlando to defending the inventor of Nautilus sports equipment against criminal tax charges. That breadth of experience is reflected in Horwitz's private practice, where he specializes in white-collar defense cases.

    His reputation in the legal community resulted in his selection to the American College of Trial Lawyers, which is widely considered to be the premier professional organization in America for trial lawyers.

  • Vincent A. Citro


    Vincent A. Citro is an attorney with the Law Offices of Horwitz & Citro, P.A. He focuses on representing individuals, executives, and legal entities in criminal and related civil and administrative matters, including grand jury and internal investigations. Mr. Citro has represented clients in state and federal courts and has extensive experience in complex federal criminal and national security matters.

Client Testimonials

Your Case Is in Good Hands

  • “I received good quality legal services from an experienced and well respected lawyer.”

    Anonymous, Former Client

  • “Throughout the entire nightmare, Mark was by my side all the way.”

    Ted, Former Client

  • “5 Stars Is Not Enough!”

    Rob, Former Client

  • “I know he fought for me and that's the best feeling you could ever have when you find yourself in the middle of a nightmare. I would highly recommend this law firm for anyone needing someone to fight for them!”

    Roshelle P., Former Client

Results Matter

  • Securities Fraud Prosecution Ends with No Jail Time

    My client was charged in federal court with securities fraud and conspiracy to commit securities fraud. Prior to trial the government offered a plea agreement whereby my client would have been sentenced to seven years in federal prison. This was rejected and we went to trial. The trial lasted 14 days and resulted in a hung jury. Following the government’s unsuccessful attempt to convict my client before a jury a second offer from the government was made to resolve the case. The new plea offer from the government was that my client would plead no contest to a petty offense for which there was no term of imprisonment authorized under the law. The only potential penalty was a $25,000 monetary fine. (case no. 0503)


    The Law Offices of Mark L. Horwitz recently had the honor of representing a client who was charged with a number of very serious charges. Fortunately, the ordeal ended with great results. Our client was charged with two counts of Aggravated Battery with a Firearm. Each charge carried a 25-year minimum-mandatory sentence and a maximum sentence of life in prison. The client was also charged with one count of Shooting into a Building and one count of Shooting from a Vehicle. After many months of thorough investigation, preparation, and analysis of the case we were ultimately successful. The Office of the State Attorney dropped all charges against our client. We welcomed the opportunity to assist the client through this difficult and stressful ordeal. The vigorous defense of liberty motivates us in our representation of every client.

  • Federal Charges - Not Guilty

    My client was arrested by federal authorities and charged with conspiracy to import heroin and conspiracy to possess heroin with intent to distribute. The client was one of many defendants named in the indictment. During the course of the case, all defendants except my client pled guilty. The only person to go to trial was my client. Due to diligent pretrial investigation and vigorous defense at trial, we were able to obtain not guilty verdicts on all charges. (case no. 0502)

  • Complex State Income Tax Audit Successfully Completed

    We recently completed the representation of a husband and wife who were under audit by the California taxing authorities. The audit was complex because it involved state income tax that was tied to conversion and recharacterization of retirement plans. The clients had previously been subject to an IRS audit which reflected that their treatment of the retirement accounts was appropriate. The state taxing authority, known as the California Franchise Tax Board, conducted an extensive examination and investigation which lasted almost 2 years. We worked closely with a forensic accountant, retained by my firm, and had the benefit of cooperation from the original CPA’s who prepared the federal and state tax returns. Throughout the course of dealings with the State auditor and providing significant amounts of documentation, we were able to establish that the clients’ actions were correct.

  • Motion to Dismiss - Granted

    My client was a businessman who was a consultant to a beauty supply company. Both federal and state law enforcement utilized an informant to obtain the product sold by the beauty supply company which the police contended violated laws prohibiting sale of a mixture containing a chemical listed as a Schedule 1 drug. Through an intensive defense investigation and depositions, we were able to establish that our client did not conspire with anyone to distribute a controlled substance and furthermore, the product sold did not fall within the criminal prohibitions of the statute. The case ended when the court granted our motion to dismiss. (case no. 0501)

  • DUI: Case Dismissed

    This client was arrested in January 2015 for DUI. No citation or formal information charging the client with DUI was filed until October 2016. The State is required by law to file formal charges within the 90-day speedy trial period and at the time of filing of formal charges, the 90-day period had expired. A Motion to Discharge the case was filed on behalf of the Client in January 2017 and a hearing on the motion was held 5 days later. The State announced a Nolle Prosequi in court, dismissing the case. (case no. 0504)

  • Another Successful OVDP Completion NO CRIMINAL CHARGES

    We recently received the final closing agreement from the Internal Revenue Service formalizing the successful completion of the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (OVDP) for a husband and wife who had an unreported offshore bank account. The couple received notice in 2014 from their bank in Portugal regarding the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA). The bank’s notice advised of the agreement between Portugal and the United States under FATCA. The bank in Portugal further advised that it would begin reporting to the IRS information about any clients who are U.S. citizens. My firm was retained by the couple and we were able to enter them into the OVDP before the offshore bank reported the assets to the IRS. It was important that we acted expeditiously on behalf of our client because once the IRS receives information about an unreported offshore account, a person is prohibited from entering the OVDP. The IRS and Department of Justice are vigorously pursuing those with unreported offshore accounts. The potential consequences for those targeted by the IRS include criminal prosecution which can result in long terms in prison and substantial fines: 50% of the value of the account each year that it was not reported. The client’s prompt action in retaining us allowed us to enter them in the OVDP before the government received the bank records from Portugal under FATCA. Once we entered the couple in the OVDP, we were able to successfully complete the OVDP thereby avoiding criminal prosecution and large civil penalties.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I go to jail if I was arrested?


    No, not necessarily. Although each county may have slightly different booking processes, you may be placed in a holding cell until you have been read your official charges during your arraignment (first hearing before a judge). A jail or prison sentence can only be brought if you have been found guilty and convicted by a jury or judge, or if you have pled to a charge with a jail sentence involved.

  • If I’m not guilty, why do I need a lawyer?


    At Law Offices of Horwitz & Citro, P.A., we always assume our clients to be innocent until proven guilty, and we will always represent them as such. Even if you know that you are not guilty, you will be facing off against highly trained Prosecutors and District Attorneys. It is their primary motivation to utilize the State’s resources to obtain a conviction and penalize you accordingly.

  • How are misdemeanors & felonies different?


    Criminal offenses can be categorized in multiple ways, and this includes misdemeanor charges and felony charges. Misdemeanors are considered to be lesser offenses, and typically result in a jail sentence equal to or less than 1 year. On the other hand, felonies are much more severe and can carry lengthy prison sentences.

  • What are my rights after an arrest?


    We believe that knowledge can be the strongest defense. If you have been arrested, know that you have the right to remain silent and you have the right to request an attorney. Both of these things (also known as your Miranda Rights) ultimately protect your 5th Amendment Right to avoid self-incrimination.

Rights That Are in Jeopardy After Being Convicted

  • Loss of eligibility to apply for financial aid for college
  • Security clearance for certain professions such as teaching, working with children, or security
  • Voting privileges
  • Parenting rights can be taken away including custody & visiting rights
  • Loss of 2nd Amendment right to legally obtain or possess firearms
  • Cannot obtain a passport or a visa for entry into certain countries
  • Convicts are pulled into police line-ups as a potential suspect

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